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Our Activities

A.) Surveillance – Care taking – Escorts

  • On location security measures (private properties, domains, enterprises, construction sites, hotels, golf clubs, sea ports…)
  • Access Controls
  • Fire awareness security
  • Event organization

Their functions :

  • Setup and execution of fire awareness security checks
  • Access controls
  • Permanent presence in the surveillance and command unit
  • Facility maintenance to improve security and fire awareness measures
  • Interventions in case of an emergency (alarms, Fires, assistance to potential victims, first aid…)
  • Recordings and reports based on commands and procedures

We can also provide services for cultural, sporting, or more punctual events, optimizing the safety of your collaborators, customers and hardware.

– Event management

Security personnel present at strategic points throughout the entire perimeter, crowd handling procedures…

B.) Protection of service and industry infrastructures

Mobil patrols, K9 units at your disposal, emergency interventions, alarm system activation and intrusion detectors, access control, fire awareness systems and surveillance.

Mobil patrol procedures

  • Prevent and detect fire hazards, floods, frauds, hardware and/or structural damage, thefts…
  • Prevent all forms of prejudice to the infrastructure and it’s contents (dissuasion patrols)
  • Record and report all anomalies

C.) Security system installations

CORSOPS has surrounded itself with efficient and highly competent professionals. We provide a plethora of security installations to meet the specific needs of the client :

  • Intrusion alarms
  • Video surveillance
  • Verification of your current security installation as to ameliorate the overall productivity and quality of the new system

D.) Audit and Risk studies

  • Risk management and handling
  • Safety audits (safety engineer expert)
  • Threat evaluation
  • Security projects (Security Manager)
  • Security plan of action set up
  • Evacuation plans