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The Company

The company CORSOPS is a limited liability company whose registered office is Saint-Laurent-du-Var (06), French Riviera. CORSOPS positions today like the partner able to answer the customers, resting on professional service with strong added value. CORSOPS provides a service supplementing an existing program of safety and conceives broad and supplements response to the preoccupations of safety. CORSOPS guarantees a professional service resting on an absolute rigour, listening and the convivial dialogue, the analysis and the audit, the judicious and selective study of human resources, the training of its personnel, and the value of its frameworks.

Safety Strategy

In the current competitive context, CORSOPS melts its strategy on key values and principles:


In a rigorous manner of deontological ethics.


of the texts governing the profession ( laws , decrees, work regulations )


Of general rules based on the quality of the services provided.


Guaranteed by competence and the high degree of qualification we possess.


In training and maintain of personnel competences.