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International standard K9 service

Corsops, along with its’ numerous k9 partners, is able to answer the customers’ demands, resting on professional services with a strong added value.


Our company gathered canine experts, French former soldiers as well as other highly trained professionals.

They are able to provide and train specialized K9 teams in any hostile environment.


Corsops prospects, prepares and selects dog for overseas delivery with its’ clients in mind.

Thanks to its’ network of contacts and stockbreeders all coming from the armed forces, selection criteria is what our client look for. The dog must satisfy various examinations :

medical, morphological and character.

They must be balanced and sociable towards their handlers.


Guards and dogs

  • Protection of people, premises, goods, equipment etc…
  • Monitoring sensitive areas (Oil & gas refineries, airport terminals, backing plants, containers and storage sections etc…)

Search & intervention dogs

  • Operational assistance to the police, soldiers, security guards alarm interventions, checkpoint operations etc…

Explosives detection dogs for all sensitive areas :

  • Ships, airplanes, cargo clearance
  • Trucks and pallet screening, preventive search for parking areas etc…
  • Airport and harbors
  • Roadside IED clearance

Corsops also provides weapons and ammunition detection dogs and narcotic sniffer dogs.

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