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Track anything anywhere !

Corsops and its partner AnticipTrack will provide you with the Eyedefend solution including a wide range of options to monitor and track your assets and / or personnel on the field. Thanks to around the clock operational management rooms, these services are available in throughout Europe, Africa and the middle east..
We provide location-based services and solutions that allow you to see your assets wherever they are across multiple options such as GSM or satellite connectivity.
We offer a state-of-the-art tracking platform with affordable pricing, flexible plans and flexible payment terms.

Système de Tracking - Applications Mobiles

Car tracking

Cargo & logistics

Boat tracking

Construction & industrial tracking

Mail tracking

Personnel tracking

Mobile Tracker App

  • Works on any Smart Phone
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Media Collection
  • Takes Photos/Videos/Audio and Geo Tag with Location and Date/Time
  • Automatically saves 20sec of voice

Système de Tracking - Applications Mobiles

Système de Tracking - Traqueur GSM Personnel

GSM Personal Tracker

  • Mini GPS Tracker
  • SOS Panic Button Included
  • Small formfactor
  • Battery can be charged from Vehicle

Satellite Personal Tracking

  • Satellite Personal Tracker
  • SOS Panic Button Included
  • Petit format
  • Small formfactor
  • Battery can be charged from Vehicle

Système de Tracking - Traqueur Satellite

GSM Vehicle Tracking

  • Plug& Play Device – Fits into any Vehicle
  • No Cables – No wires Needed
  • Driver Behaviour (Speed, Harsh Braking/Acceleration, Idle Time, and more)
  • Backup Battery

Mini Traqueur GPS

  • Mini GPS tracker
  • S.O.S button
  • Mini format
  • Car charger
  • Long lasting battery

Système de Tracking - Traceur véhicules

Vehicle Tracking Hardware (AT2)

  • Advanced vehicle-tracking device that collects location information via GPS
  • Calculates speed and direction details
  • Transmits the data to predefined servers via GPRS connection

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