The CORSOPS group is today a broad and complete response to the security concerns of its customers. By positioning itself as a real partner, it offers different professional services enabling it to respond precisely to expectations. For this, it is based on absolute rigor, but also listening and dialogue. As for its staff, recruitment is done carefully, ensuring the training and values ​​of all of its employees.

Thus, from the definition of needs to the delivery, CORSOPS company implements a reliable and solid security strategy.

This is based on these different key points:

A respect

of rigorous ethics and professional conduct.

An observation

of all legal texts governing the profession.

An Application

of a set of rules based on quality and sense of service.


guaranteed by competence and high level of qualification.

Continuous training

accompanied by on-site monitoring and monitoring of agents.

Company history


Lionel GINET has always put his professionalism and entire dedication at the service of private security and over the years has built a solid professional career.

After working in the security sector for various luxury homes between 1992 and 1998, Lionel GINET left France and settled in Florida to develop his activities there. On location, he will quickly obtains the security licenses and the private detective diplomas from the State Department in order to continue what he had started and to develop a security company in the USA. His professionalism, already proven with different groups including RICHEMONT, SWATCHGROUP and LVMH will allow him to be the head of security for different events, in coordination with the New York office. Following these years spent in the United States, Lionel GINET returns to France for personal reasons. This is when CORSOPS will approach him.

CORSOPS was created in 2005 by Robert PALOMBA, director of a security company for thirteen years, after a military career of sixteen years in the french foreign legion.

The small business began modestly by acquiring security services contracts in the residential and industrial sectors.

CORSOPS Logo ancien

In 2011, Lionel GINET then joined CORSOPS to assist Mr PALOMBA Robert and took over the management of the company. He will use his specialized experience for luxury homes to actively participate in the development of the company.

Due to the rigor deployed in his work over all these years, Lionel GINET has developed a certain trust with his partners. This is what will allow him to take on missions for various groups including RICHEMONT, SWATCHGROUP or LVMH, mainly in the South of France and elsewhere in the world.


In 2019, Lionel GINET bought CORSOPS. He has the ambition to carry it ever higher. Requirement, experience and know-how remain the key points.

The group now spans two continents thanks to new locations in the United States, England and Italy. CORSOPS aims to offer the highest quality services in all sectors, regardless of the country concerned.


More than a service, we offer a true partnership, based on concrete results.

Our Locations


1688 Meridian Ave #420
Miami Beach
FL 33139 États-Unis

+1 (786) 593-7735


25 Sackville St
Mayfair, London

+44 79 54 59 46 21


Chemin de la Bastide Rouge
Centre Béal 200 – Entrée B1

+33(0)4 83 15 71 94


Via Monte Napoleone, 8
20121 Milano MI

+33 (0)6 65 42 48 11