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Our Main Services

Securing professional and private sites

Site security, access control, events, private clients, security organization for private parties, etc.

Patrols and interventions

Surveillance patrols in a vehicle or on foot. The objective of the mobile security officer is to secure the environment at all times.

Fire protection

All the means available to ensure the most reliable fire safety possible by our agents, all trained in fire prevention.

Event security

Ensure the smooth running of the event by ensuring the safety of those present and by maintaining a constant level of vigilance as well as calm and reactive behavior in the event of an incident.

Remote monitoring

Comprehensive services including 24/7 video protection, video doubt removal, remote sensing and police intervention.

Transport of valuables

Transport services of various high-end values and/or merchandise, on specific requests and according to the needs of our customers.

K9 Division

We can bring together canine and former military experts able to provide and train specialized K9 teams (in research: explosives, drugs, weapons, interventions …) for any administration and in any hostile environment.

CORSOPS commits to:

  • Train and upgrade existing dog teams within the army, the Gendarmerie, the police, administrations and the private sector.
  • To deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary in order to implement a canine unit for the benefit of its clients.
  • Acquire knowledge relating to the safety of sensitive installations and additional and specific training for the benefit of intervention teams.

CORSOPS prospect, select and prepare dogs for delivery to the benefit of its customers. Thanks to our network of breeders all from the army, the selection criteria for dogs are closest to the orientations requested for the creation of canine units, updating and recycling, installation of specialized dogs. Being able to demonstrate these real possibilities is indicative of the quality of the services that CORSOPS. Providing the most complete and professional canine solution possible, maintaining and improving the performance of explosives and intervention dogs, working on the automatism of the intervening pairs are our constant concerns in order to satisfy our customers.

Theoretical and practical knowledge to be acquired in order to know, understand, maintain, house, transport, use his dog in the context of his future missions. This 8 week training is the essential basis for any new dog handler but must be followed by continuous training afterwards. By the end of the training session, the dog handler will be able to master his dog’s obedience and sociability. He will have the knowledge within the framework of self-defense (defense of the master). He will be able to implement the different stages of learning to acquire mastery of his dog during a dynamic action in detection (search for people, explosives) and biting (defense of the master, muzzled strike).

Furthermore :

  • Implementation of K9 teams in the protection and defense of installations
  • Support for the benefit of a combat unit
  • Search for an enemy element
  • Provide information, assist in helping to deploy forces
  • Investigation of a house

Executive protection

Specialists in personal protection, we build tailor-made security and crisis management solutions to permanently protect you and or your partners in the United States and abroad.

  • Knowledge of international safety standards
  • Speed ​​and flexibility of our operational teams
  • “Low-profile” device
  • Real-time monitoring of services

Investigation Division

Our goal is to secure legitimate and objective courtroom evidence and to meet the needs of our client’s special requirements.

Do you think your teenager is not making good choices? Whether it’s gang, drugs, theft, aggressive driving, excessive speed or just an unexplained situation. Our investigators will quickly identify the problem and try to offer a solution to the problem.

Due to the hidden nature of this crime, more people are attempting Insurance Fraud every day. With our team of experts, we will be able to investigate and determine if your company is a suspect of Insurance fraud. You will never get the closure you need unless you find out what really happened in an accident. Our team of experts will determine what caused the accident, reduce your cost of liability and collect evidence that will stand up in court.

Worker’s compensation claimants sometimes exaggerate their claims to collect higher benefits. We will diligently research and investigate the individual to determine if he/she is adhering or progressing through the healing or disabled process.

Are you in fear of your spouse cheating on you? Or Going through a nasty divorce and need evidence collected to strengthen your case? Or unable to locate your spouse for collection of Child Support? Our investigators are here for you and are willing to handle whatever your issues might be. We will also assure you that your information will always be kept in the strictest confidence.

Need help locating a potential witness? Our team can locate that person with minimal information.
Looking for your loved one? Kidnapped, lost or looking for someone in general. We are the team to call, we can provide you with all information needed.

Our team has a well-established background check program that offers multiple levels of depth and scope as dictated by the client’s needs. Our check are used in areas such as opposition research, witness background, due diligence and general verification of information.

Working closely with a company’s board of directors, management and legal counsel, our team independently investigates allegations of civil and criminal fraud, accounting irregularities, intellectual property theft, foreign corrupt practices, embezzlement, electronic crimes, information leaks, undisclosed and related-party transactions, vendor fraud, kickbacks and other conduct.

Computer forensics services are used to recover data a wrongdoer sought to erase or delete from a computer’s hard drive and server, retrieve key data buried in case files and memorandum and organize data contained in thousands of disparate electronic sources.

Our team works with clients to help companies, banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and other businesses meet shifting compliance and integrity requirements around the world. We draw on our understanding of the local environment, as well as 20 years’ experience investigating compliance and integrity failures. We understand how the “bad guys” think and the weaknesses in internal controls systems. We bring that unique experience to your situation, allowing you to understand key vulnerabilities and create more robust programs.

Our Investigations, Financial Advisory and Intelligence Services comprise more than 300 highly credentialed consultants worldwide. With a broad range of expertise, our professionals include former white-collar crime prosecutors, forensic accountants, intelligence analysts, computer forensics professionals, corporate governance specialists, business journalists, litigation consultants, regulatory experts and accountants who specialize in complex insurance claims, damages calculations and valuations.

Maritime division

Recent events wherein factions using high-speed boats hailing from various countries demonstrate the exponential development of maritime piracy activities.

Current trends to heighten regulations and safety standards on board both moored, berthed and on sea yachts and other maritime vessels, has meant stricter controls & passenger safety is required, particularly in Europe’s waters. Heightened measures are required regarding the cleanliness of vessels, regarding illegal substances that may have found their way on board. Our company can provide discreet services to your vessel, to satisfy both the owners and Captain’s concerns regarding the security of the yacht environment. On board safety of crew and guests is the primary concern of any yacht’s Captain and owner and can be made an easier job with the presence of our maritime security personnel. We can place several ex-special forces staff on board your vessel for long or short-term assignments for specific trips you may have planned. Once onshore we can ensure the smooth continuation of our services through secure drivers and close protection personnel.

The embarkation of security officers on board a ship is essential to:

  • Assure permanent and effective security during the successful passage through sensitive zones
  • Ensure and adapt a gradual defensive response to either threatened or actual aggression

Our security officers work under the direct command of the ship’s captain. In cases of aggression, all decisions are coordinated with the team leader and the ship’s captain.

The security officer’s efficient and effective performance depends on his / her training, professional qualifications, and experience in maritime security intervention. All our security officers are former French Navy Seal Special Forces who specialized in anti-terrorism, SWAT and commando interventions. The majority of our security officers are bilingual, and they have acquired experience in military as well as civilian operations, such as:

  • Boarding embarkations in case of illegal fishing
  • Arms trafficking
  • Drug trafficking
  • Nuclear experiment protection
  • Docks, platforms, and tanker protection
  • Procedures

Depending upon the ship’s geographical location and / or the situation, three alert levels are considered:

One aspect of the security officer’s responsibilities is that of making onboard patrols. The officer is in radio contact with the ship’s captain or the second officer. Upon boarding a ship in a DEFCON 1 security zone, the team leader organizes a conference with the entire crew to discuss how to:

  • Manage stress in case of aggression
  • React in the presence of an injured crew member
  • React in case of a hostage situation
  • Manage prisoners on board
  • Provide alert level instruction and training under the control of the team leader and the ship’s captain

All security officers are on alert and armed. The team leader is in constant radio contact with ship’s captain. All security officers are in constant radio contact with each other.

In coordination with the ship’s captain, the team leader establishes procedures to (1) identify, (2) analyze, and (3) react.

Identify – Analyze – React



  • Multi-directional thermal camera (3600) links to the crew mess
  • Mobile projectors that light up the ship’s entire platform with no dead angles
  • Radio transmission equipment
  • SCUBA diving equipment
  • Inflatable speed boats


  • Rifles
  • Assault and combat shotguns
  • Handguns

Our experience tells us that only self-protection provides the necessary efficiency for an isolated ship. Additionally, if others prefer to confront unwanted embarkations, the result is an inappropriate, ineffective, and disorganized security operation. We prefer to focus on our primary objective, i.e., to safeguard the ship.

Tankers and supertankers themselves are not equipped to quickly respond to threats presented by aggressors with high-speed boats.

When ships travel together in a convoy, the ideal strategy is to arm a supply boat that supports the security of the convoy. The supply boat relies on 3 speedboats and a helicopter with 2 specialized snipers. This strategy reduces the number of security officers required to embark on each ship.