Phone number : +1 (786) 593-7735

Address :
1688 Meridian Ave #420
Miami Beach
FL 33139

Our Main Services

Securing professional and private sites

Site security, access control, events, private clients, security organization for private parties, etc.

Patrols and interventions

Surveillance patrols in a vehicle or on foot. The objective of the mobile security officer is to secure the environment at all times.

Fire protection

All the means available to ensure the most reliable fire safety possible by our agents, all trained in fire prevention.

Event security

Ensure the smooth running of the event by ensuring the safety of those present and by maintaining a constant level of vigilance as well as calm and reactive behavior in the event of an incident.

Remote monitoring

Comprehensive services including 24/7 video protection, video doubt removal, remote sensing and police intervention.

Transport of valuables

Transport services of various high-end values and/or merchandise, on specific requests and according to the needs of our customers.

K9 Division

We can bring together canine and former military experts able to provide and train specialized K9 teams (in research: explosives, drugs, weapons, interventions …) for any administration and in any hostile environment.

Executive protection

Specialists in personal protection, we build tailor-made security and crisis management solutions to permanently protect you and or your partners in the United States and abroad.

  • Knowledge of international safety standards
  • Speed ​​and flexibility of our operational teams
  • “Low-profile” device
  • Real-time monitoring of services

Investigation Division

Our goal is to secure legitimate and objective courtroom evidence and to meet the needs of our client’s special requirements.

Maritime division

Recent events wherein factions using high-speed boats hailing from various countries demonstrate the exponential development of maritime piracy activities.